The Assemblage of my Mind



This image means a lot to me, as a glasses-wearer. This assemblage sort of puts together the sorts of things that people might be afraid of, such as seeing the optometrist or the dentist (as represented by the teeth.)

In a media sense, assemblage is about how media form assemblages of people, populations, technologies, meanings, and sensations. (via Media Assemblages).

Assemblage #1

Assemblage #1

This image reminds me more of the media assemblages as the artist has incorporated an old telephone dial into the artwork. I guess they help to represent the assemblages we see being formed. A lot of this has to do with the Actor-network theory which is an interesting one.

Assemblage (Free Standing)

Assemblage (Free Standing)

The Actor-network theory in my point of view is sort of the “best of both worlds” theory, where it takes into consideration the ‘being’ and ‘acting’ of both participants in any instance. Right now I am sitting on my chair typing on my laptop… but am I sitting here because I chose to sit here, or because the chair exists? Or is it simply both of those things. I like this theory.


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