Thank You, ARTS2090


We’ve come to the end of an era… well, semester, and it’s time to say goodbye to ARTS2090.

What an interesting subject! I know I loved learning about the different aspects of publishing, from the first lecture working our way through history to modern publishing times in the lectures after.

Ye Olde Typewriter [Credit: UTAS,]

Ye Olde Typewriter [Credit: UTAS,]

From archive fever to attention vs distraction, ARTS2090 has taught me a lot of things that I have used in the real world, and in my field of work. My favourite module would have to be making the invisible visible, and that would have been the most favourite assessment task I’ve ever completed in my whole life!

What I Liked

  • 1.5 hour lectures!
  • Distracting myself in lectures…. oops
  • Having all the information for the subject on a neat blog with everything succinctly wrapped up
  • 1.5 hour tutorials which were helpful and informative
  • My tutor, hi Michael! You taught me a lot.
  • Learning about all interesting aspects of publishing and the invisible becoming visible
  • The group assignment

What I Didn’t Like

  • Blogging
  • The lectures were on too late in the day on a Monday so I found I hardly had any focus!
  • Too many readings, was a little confusing
  • Blogging
  • Lectures were at times a little too fast paced and confusing
  • Did I mention blogging?

Thanks for everything ARTS2090!

This represents me and most of ARTS2090 [Credit:]

This represents me and most of ARTS2090 [Credit:]


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