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The Archive of Desire


Well, in case Professor Murphie didn’t want to continue being any more vague with his topics, this week is “desire” and on appearance it seems like it has nothing to do with Publics and Publishing… but on closer inspection I think it does.

With regards to the notion of archives, we are forever indulging in such things; we watch black and white films, we look at old photographs and we constantly use our memories as a storage facility… much like a very private archival system.

Physical archives are not sexy

Humans have a completeĀ desireĀ for archives, and we don’t even know it (unless we’re arts2090 students). Someone even wrote a book on it, however he was French and it was all in French… but it was published in 1996 and touched on a lot of these points.

Modern-day archive… even worse…

Now, excuse me so I can go and watch The Sound of Music on DVD and sing along to all the songs with the words that I’ve stored in my hard drive… I mean, brain.