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Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak


I think we all remember this scene… [Credit: News.com.au]

The way we visualise the invisible depends on the medium that we use to do so. For example, when I fly to Perth, I literally have no concept of where I am, but if I turn on the “Flight Path” channel on the in-flight entertainment system, I can see exactly where in the world I currently am flying over. The invisible flight path is illuminated by the dotted line and the plane symbol shows the exact location- perfect!

I believe that things such as Facebook Check-Ins and Foursquare (geotagging) has really lead the way in the social media world in making the invisible, visible. There is a visible track of the places and photos of places that I have been to.

The reading by Paul Virilio (1997) explains that there has been an “industrialisation¬†of vision”, which has altered our perceptions of vision in a negative way. I agree with this point, as we could use the smartphone to exemplify this “industrialisation”- people needing to constantly feel that they need to connect with people that aren’t physically there with them.

The Google Glass, when released, will be an absolute phenomenon and will re-revolutionise the already revolutionised social media, smartphone and switched on world. Although I understand that there is a myriad of privacy issues – I think that this kind of technology is going to really change the way we interact with each other. On the plus side, I already wear glasses so I’m all ready for them!!



C is for Cookie!


You never really think about the alphabet, do you? You just sit there typing everyday… on Facebook, Twitter, your arts2090 blog etc… but never once do you stop to think about the characters you’re using.

How to speak New Zillund

The New Zillund Alphabet

The English alphabet, a phonetic alphabet based on the idea of abstraction; the notion of thinking, being and writing more than could be communicated through a pictographic alphabet.

Philosophy would not have occurred without abstract thoughts and they needed the phonetic alphabet – Abstraction leads to philosophy.

I bought a broken keyboard

I bought a broken keyboard

Publishing can change the power of concepts and words and the founders of writing were suspicious of this. They realised it could challenge the social order.